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Maxy Reiniger

Mr. Dei’s MC master class helped me gain practical knowledge in
dealing with clients before, during, and after events. I learned how to
overcome stage fright, and I highly recommend this class for anyone
looking to become a professional MC or public speaker.


Walt Grunewald

Mr. Dei saved my first public speaking experience! He provided step-by-step
strategies and tips on being confident, knowing my audience, and going with
the flow. I applied his trainings during my event and received overwhelmingly
positive feedback. Thanks to him, my confidence in public speaking
Mr. Dei is truly the best


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The History

— How it all began

Mr. Dei - Masterclass is a premier public speaking coaching initiative led by award-winning and True Professional MC, Mr. Dei. With over 300 events under his belt in almost 7 years, Mr. Dei shares his invaluable insights and expert tips through one-on-one sessions on request and scheduled group sessions.

The masterclass consists of both one-on-one coaching sessions and scheduled group sessions,
providing you with the flexibility to choose the learning format that best suits your needs.
During each session, Mr. Dei will share his proven techniques for captivating audiences,
crafting compelling speeches, and overcoming stage fright

My Mission

— What's Next

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Quis m iucunda exaudire si claram angeum dis netus nec hac scomata si usus optio liber contumeliam nibh enim.​

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